Attention Women Entrepreneurs Who Want to Generate Consistent 5 Figure Months...

The Sales Discovery Call System:

How to Close High Ticket Sales Over the Phone

In this FREE workbook you will learn...

  • How to use a six step, high converting, sales discovery call process.
  • What to include on your application and what are the best questions to ask during your call.
  • How to handle objections.

Meet Shayla

shayla boyd-gill at desk

Shayla Boyd-Gill, the Luxe Your Business Mentor and creator of the Luxe Sales System, is an EXTRAORDINARY and PROVEN business mentor and sales strategist who shows women entrepreneurs how to have it all – family, freedom, and affluence – while doing what they love.

She teaches her clients to restructure their businesses and lives by boosting their high-ticket sales so they can make more money in less time without a heavy client load.

She juggles being an entrepreneur with being a wife of 25 years, and mom of six children.

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