The Luxe Your Business® Experience

Discover How to Use The Proven Luxe Sales System™ to Scale Your Business to Seven Figures in Less Time with Fewer Clients

September 12 - 14, 2024
scottsdale, az

A 3-Day Exclusive Event for 6-Figure Female Founders

Who Want To Scale Their Way And Make An Impact
(Without Sacrificing Their Family Or Lifestyle)

It’s Time For Your Business To Serve You!

Do This First...Avoid the $250K Crisis™

Do you think that you would be prepared if someone wanted to invest in your business today? 


Most think that money is the only thing keeping them from scaling, but lean in…


Even if you are generating between $100K and $500K in revenue, you may encounter what I call the “$250K Crisis.” This crisis typically hits three crucial pillars of your business.


$250K female founders have outpaced 93.8% of other women entrepreneurs (according to the National Women’s Business Council), but there may be…

  • A Sales Problem 
    The challenge here is often about scaling. You may find that the strategies that got you to $100K aren’t sufficient to push you to $500K. You might be facing longer sales cycles, more significant client expectations, and the need for more sophisticated sales strategies.
  • A Marketing Problem
    At this stage, your marketing needs to evolve. You may struggle with reaching a refined audience or differentiating yourself in a crowded market. Your marketing strategies need to be more targeted, data-driven, and reflective of your brand.
  • A Team Problem
    As your business grows, you may need to hire staff or outsource tasks. The challenge lies in finding the right people (I know that you may have tried), managing them effectively, and maintaining a positive and productive team culture while being a true leader.


  • You attracted and retain high-value clients with ease, boosting your revenue and enhancing your business's reputation.

  • You spent less time speaking to unqualified people on sales calls and streamlined your sales system to focus on closing clients that you would absolutely love to work with.

  • You have a strong and sufficient team that could handle daily operations, freeing you to focus on strategic decision-making and business growth.

  • You took three months off each year while making more money and feeling absolutely confident that your team will not run your business into the ground.

  • You finally make yourself a priority and become the CEO that you always wanted to be while preserving your health, relationships and sanity, without guilt.

Once you successfully navigate the $250K Crisis™, you can turn these into reality. The Luxe Your Business Experience is designed to guide you on your scaling journey.

4 Bottleneck Confessions™ of Six-Figure Coaches, Consultants, and Agency Owners

  1. Missed Opportunities
    “I’ve missed opportunities because I was overwhelmed or didn’t have the capacity to take them on.” It’s a tough confession to make, but it’s a common one. When you’re juggling so many balls, it’s easy to let some drop.
  2. Turned Away Business
    “I’ve had to turn away business because I didn’t have the resources or time to handle it.” This confession can sting, especially when you think about the revenue you’ve had to turn down. But remember, it’s a sign that your services are in demand.
  3. Lack of Support
    “I feel like I’m doing everything myself and don’t have enough support.” You’re not alone in this. Many entrepreneurs struggle with delegation or simply don’t have the team they need to support their growth.
  4. Revenue Plateau
    “My revenue has plateaued, and I feel stuck in a loop.” It’s frustrating when you’re working hard but not seeing the growth you desire. But remember, plateaus are often the precursor to breakthroughs if you choose to do something about it.

These confessions are not signs of failure but loud indicators that it’s time for a change. And the good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. The Luxe Your Business Experience is designed to help you navigate these challenges and create a thriving, scalable business. You’re not alone, and with the right support and strategies, you can turn these confessions into catalysts for growth.

Here’s the Truth

You don’t need another generic strategy that worked for someone in a different revenue bracket. What you truly need is a tailored approach to navigate the unique challenges you face as a woman entrepreneur generating between $100K and $500K. You need a way to break through the bottlenecks in your business so that you can attract high-quality clients, create consistent monthly revenue, and build a supportive team.

During our 3-days together you’ll…

it's your time Now, luxe queen!

You’ve been at this entrepreneurial game for a while. You took the classes, joined the groups, attended the events,
made the connections and more. However, you know that something is missing at this point in your business.

You could comfortably stay where you are and continue to do what has been working for you or can choose to step up.

It’s your time now, Luxe Queen. It’s time to put on your crown and step into your true CEO role to scale your business. So, if you’re ready to overcome the bottlenecks in sales, marketing, and team management that are holding you back, then this is your moment.

You absolutely can have a sales strategy that consistently attracts high-value clients, a marketing plan that effectively reaches your target audience, and a team that supports your vision and growth.


If you want to stop imagining and start scaling your business to 7 figures or more in revenue, all while maintaining peace of mind in your life and giving back to your community or a cause that matters to you…


I’d like to invite you to the Luxe Your Business® Experience, so you can boost your high-ticket sales
and double your revenue without a heavy client load, and build a strong, supportive team without feeling overwhelmed.


It’s your time, Luxe Queen. What are you waiting for?

The Luxe Your Business® Experience

An exquisite 3-day event for female coaches, consultants, agency owners, and experts who
are excited to scale to 7-figures or more while working with the best clients ever

September 12 - 14, 2024
Scottsdale, az

Luxe Reviews

The Luxe Your Business® Experience is a perfect fit if you...

In just 3 days you can walk away with

a plan to create a Luxe Vision that will help you to finally scale your business
and make an impact, without sacrificing what you love.

What We’ll Cover On
Day 1 - the luxe market

What We’ll Cover On
Day 2 - the art of luxe sales

What We’ll Cover On
Day 3 - growing a Luxe Team

Winning Luxe Clients

Testimonial Nina Thomas Estwick

Shayla Boyd-Gill has changed my life. I was getting clients and making money, but I was working a lot. I wanted to be able to pay my bills and design the lifestyle that I want. Within two months of working with Shayla, I’ve made $40,000 just off the program that we’ve restructured together. She helped me to design the program around my needs. There were simple strategies that she gave me that changed my business.

Nina Thomas Estwick, Socially Nina
Testimonial Dr Ava Eagle Brown

While working with Shayla I was able to close the deal within three months of us working together to speak in Poland in front of 15,000 people. I didn’t just get my return on investment twice; I got my children flown to Poland and accommodated as well.

Dr. Ava Eagle Brown
dana b
 I gained so much insight into my business, my clients, my offers, and myself with Shayla as my coach. I increased my revenue by thousands of dollars per month and I reached some goals that were scary and seemed unattainable. Shayla was motivating, knowledgeable, and comforting when I needed her to be, but also firm and direct when I needed it. I could not have asked for a better coaching experience and would HIGHLY recommend coaching with Shayla.
Dana Brunson, Dana Brunson & Company

The Luxe Your Business® Experience

An exquisite 3-day event for female coaches, consultants, agency owners, and experts who
are excited to scale to 7-figures or more while working with the best clients ever

September 12 - 14, 2024
scottsdale, az

Meet Your Luxe Mentor

Shayla Boyd-Gill, the Luxe Your Business Mentor and creator of the Luxe Scaling System, is an EXTRAORDINARY and PROVEN business mentor and sales strategist who shows women entrepreneurs how to have it all – family, freedom, and affluence – while doing what they love.

She teaches her clients to restructure their businesses and lives by boosting their high-ticket sales so they can make more money in less time without a heavy client load.

She juggles being an entrepreneur with being a wife of 26 years, and a mom of six children.

Luxe Reviews

Meet the 2023 Luxe Speakers

Laura G Speaker

Laura Gisborne

Luxe Leadership

Laura Gisborne is a highly successful business growth strategist. She has owned nine businesses over the last 30 years, ranging from small retail operations to a multi-million dollar wine and real estate empire. Her company, Limitless Women, exemplifies that companies can be both profitable and purposeful and has donated over $700,000 to charities globally.

Limitless Women


Kreda M Speaker

Kreda McCullough

Luxe Brand and Messaging

Kreda McCullough is the vibrant powerhouse behind Brand With Kreda. She’s an innovative Brand Strategist and Designer that blends creativity, strategy, a spice of personality, and a good dose of fun into branding solutions. She curates compelling brand identities for six and 7-figure Women Coaches and Consultants that resonate with audiences, turning brands from boring to scroll-stopping. She enjoys the journey of discovering her clients' unique brand narratives and molding them into compelling stories that captivate and convert.

Brand With Kreda


linda cain

Linda Cain

Luxe Events

Linda Cain is all about events. Whether live or virtual, with her diverse background and experience planning domestic and international events for over 25 years, she has found an amazing place to work and design events for her clients who are in the transformational, coaching, and entrepreneur space that meets an extraordinary experience for attendees and profit margin for clients. Linda and her team at Blu Diamond Events, are all about the "heart" and "relationship" for the client and the attendee.

BluDiamond Event Management



Come and join us at this beautiful location in the desert.


Each day you will be able to dine at our buffet lunch and view the mountains as you make powerful connections with the other attendees.

Event Schedule

Luxe Market - SEPTEMBER 14

Luxe Sales - SEPTEMBER 15

Luxe team - SEPTEMBER 16


The Luxe Your Business® Experience

An exquisite 3-day event for female coaches, consultants, agency owners, and experts who
are excited to scale to 7-figures or more while working with the best clients ever

September 12 - 14, 2024
Scottsdale, Az


Is this event for new business owners?

No, this curated event is for established , service based, female business owners who are excited to scale to 7-figures or more in revenue.

How many people will attend this event?

This is not a mega-conference. We have only provided space for up to 50 highly-qualified participants. Our goal is to have the right women learning and networking in the room.3

Where will the event be held?

We will be hosting the event at the beautiful Hilton North Scottsdale at Cavasson. The room block will be available until 8/20/24.

Will this be a sell-a-thon?

That’s not my style. Yes, there will be invitations to continue working with me. No pressure necessary.

Is this an inspirational event?

Yes, you will be inspired to step up your game after you have completed your Luxe training. However, this is not a “make you feel good and walk away with nothing” event. Only attend if you are committed to doing the work.

The Luxe Your Business® Experience

An exquisite 3-day event for female coaches, consultants, agency owners, and experts who
are excited to scale to 7-figures or more while working with the best clients ever

September 12 - 14, 2024