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So, you decided to start a business. Should you hire a business coach?

Hey, it’s Shayla Boyd-Gill, your Family, Freedom, and Affluence mentor and I love teaching women entrepreneurs how to build profitable businesses without sacrificing what you love the most, yourself and your family. Let’s get to it.

What is a Business Coach

What is a business coach, and how can a business coach support you in growing your business? This is a question that I’m sure you may have wondered before. Maybe you’ve wondered it in the past or you may be wondering about it now. So let’s get right into the details.

A business coach is someone that helps you to discover, the key word here I want you to remember is to discover. You will discover the business that works for you, the type of framework or path that you’re going to use in the business and more. It may be discovering the type of clients that you choose to serve, how you’re going to serve them, and then, putting a plan into place and doing the work.

What is a Business Coach Does Not Do

What a business coach does not do for you is implement. They do not do the work for you, so if you’re hiring a business coach hoping that they’re going to write out your business plan, write out your new program for you, do your copy, build the website, and so much more, I’m sorry to advise you that that’s the wrong type of person to hire.

A business coach can be very supportive if you’re coming to them saying that you want to grow the business to your first $50,000. Maybe this business coach specializes in building online programs, and so, there’s a very good chance that you’re either going to be in a group environment and/or a private one-to-one environment with the business coach. They are the ones that will fill a lot of the mindset issues that you’re dealing with as a growing entrepreneur.

Here’s the mistake people make. You go to an expert, you hire them, maybe you’ve hired that mentor or the consultant, they are not going deal with your mindset things as much. So, if you want to know more about what a mentor or a consultant does, make sure you check out our other videos in this series so you know who you need to hire. A coach, a consultant, or a mentor? 

What a Business Coach Brings to the Table

Let’s get back to our coaching. For a business coach, they often have some kind of framework or system that they use and they will support you in growing your business using that framework. A business coach can have a broad range of expertise, unlike a consultant. This means they don’t necessarily have to have built a business like you want in order to be able to coach you. Their expertise may be building different types of businesses.

For example, if I built a coaching program and called that my business and I’ve been able to monetize that business, I may have other people come in to coach with me, but they can have different types of businesses. They may have a brick-and-mortar business, they may have an online business, but if I understand how to grow businesses, I can teach them the general information that they need in order to start that process and/or start monetizing the idea that they have.

How a Coach Will Support You

If you hire a coach, they’re going to make sure that you get out of your way. Your coach will make sure that you are accountable for what you said that you wanted to do, but your coach cannot do the work for you. I cannot emphasize this enough because so many people want their hands to be held and they want someone to do the dirty work for them. Everyone has had to put the time in and you’re going to have to do the same. So, I highly recommend that you take the time that’s necessary to determine, do you need someone that’s going to hold your hand and guide you through a process, or do you need an expert who has already done the thing that you want to do specifically and they can give you their strategy, or do you need an expert who has a skill set that can support what you want to do?

Your coach will make sure that you are accountable for what you said that you wanted to do, but your coach cannot do the work for you.

I know it’s confusing. Just understand, a coach helps you discover, guides you, holds you accountable, and moves you along the way on the path that you say you want to go. You hear more of the words like goals when it comes to coaching, so they will help you with your goals in your business. I hope this supports you in your decision.

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