Who Needs a Business Mentor

Is it time for you to finally get a mentor in your business? Let’s have a discussion so that you can decide, once and for all, what you need to do. 

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Do You Need Help

Here is the question that I get asked a lot. “Do I need a mentor in my business or do I need a coach?”

There are different types of people available to support you as a growing business owner. When you decided to become an entrepreneur, you had an idea or a concept and you went in and started making things happen. But oftentimes, at a certain point you hit a plateau or you get stuck with something that you’re not very familiar with. This is where you start seeking out support.

What is a Mentor

Today, we want to specifically speak about mentorship. What is a mentor? And how might a mentor provide support for you in your business? A mentor is defined as a person who is an expert, who advises you, someone that’s providing advice. That’s generally what’s being done. They have an expertise in some special area and they’re providing advice based on what they’ve been able to accomplish in that area.

A mentor is defined as a person who is an expert, who advises you, someone that’s providing advice.

Do You Really Need a Mentor

So you’re asking yourself, “do I need this advisor in my business at this point?” It doesn’t mean that you have to be at a six-figure level or a seven-figure level before you get a mentor. Oftentimes, you might need the mentor in the beginning. But there is a certain type of person that could benefit from this mentor right now. 

Who would benefit from working with a business mentor? You may benefit from this kind of working relationship if you are open to advice and you are not stuck on your ideas and your way. A mentor may be someone that can support you. If you know someone or have found someone that has accomplished the thing that you want to accomplish, that may be a source that you need to tap into.

Signs of a Good Mentor

The mentor should be…

– open to offering advice
– trustworthy
– relatable
– resourceful, meaning having the ability to put you in contact with the people 
– willing to instruct 

This may be a working relationship that can support you. You may benefit from having a mentor.

How to Work With a Mentor

A mentor is typically giving you advice, it can be quick advice. You’re coming to them with a problem, and you need a solution. They’re giving you a solution based on their expertise. They either use a system or have a particular way in which they accomplish the thing that they did. What they need from you is for you to be open to receiving that advice and be willing to implement whatever it is that they’re suggesting that you do. 

What a mentor is not doing is coaching. A mentor is not typically asking what do you think or what do you wanna do. They’re not going to pull the answers out of you. Instead, they’re telling you, this is what you do. So if you’re at a phase of your business where you’re needing someone to tell you what to do, you’re not in a place where you need to figure things out, you have clarity, but you need someone to give you straightforward advice, mentorship may be a good fit for you.

If you have a hard time receiving feedback from people or you are stuck on doing things your way, mentorship may not be something for you. So who is mentorship not for? It’s not for the person that’s not willing to listen. It’s not for the person that thinks that they know everything.  It’s not for the person that rejects everything that’s offered to them. When someone is mentoring you, their time is valuable. So every time that you have an opportunity to be with the mentor, it’s important that you take advantage of coming to the table with the best questions possible to move you to your next best step.

Unlike coaching where you spend a lot time pulling and telling the story, mentorship is different. You are reporting what you have done and what you need. Your conversation will be based on how to accomplish things. That’s the conversation. So you may or may not be ready for a mentor, but knowing what mentorship is now, you can now decide. Are you in a place where you are  ready for this type of relationship? Do you need more of a coach or a consultant?


Check out my other blogs to clarify what is a coach and what is a consultant. I want you to know your mentor is your advisor. The expert that has accomplished what it is that you want to accomplish. You’re going to them for guidance, their best advice, and more. It’s your job to apply what they’re telling you. Remember if you are going to be in a place of rejecting it, it’s probably not the best relationship for you. The mentor’s job is not to change your mind or persuade you. They’re just giving you information and they’re helping to push you along the way as long as you take that information. As soon as you start rejecting that or realizing this is not a fit, that mentorship is probably no longer a fit for you. So I hope that answers your question of who needs a mentor? A business mentor, specifically.

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