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So, you decided to start a business. Should you hire a business coach?

Hey, it’s Shayla Boyd-Gill, your Family, Freedom, and Affluence mentor and I love teaching women entrepreneurs how to build profitable businesses without sacrificing what you love the most, yourself and your family. Let’s get to it.

What is a Business Coach

What is a business coach, and how can a business coach support you in growing your business? This is a question that I’m sure you may have wondered before. Maybe you’ve wondered it in the past or you may be wondering about it now. So let’s get right into the details.

A business coach is someone that helps you to discover, the key word here I want you to remember is to discover. You will discover the business that works for you, the type of framework or path that you’re going to use in the business and more. It may be discovering the type of clients that you choose to serve, how you’re going to serve them, and then, putting a plan into place and doing the work.

What is a Business Coach Does Not Do

What a business coach does not do for you is implement. They do not do the work for you, so if you’re hiring a business coach hoping that they’re going to write out your business plan, write out your new program for you, do your copy, build the website, and so much more, I’m sorry to advise you that that’s the wrong type of person to hire.

A business coach can be very supportive if you’re coming to them saying that you want to grow the business to your first $50,000. Maybe this business coach specializes in building online programs, and so, there’s a very good chance that you’re either going to be in a group environment and/or a private one-to-one environment with the business coach. They are the ones that will fill a lot of the mindset issues that you’re dealing with as a growing entrepreneur.

Here’s the mistake people make. You go to an expert, you hire them, maybe you’ve hired that mentor or the consultant, they are not going deal with your mindset things as much. So, if you want to know more about what a mentor or a consultant does, make sure you check out our other videos in this series so you know who you need to hire. A coach, a consultant, or a mentor? 

What a Business Coach Brings to the Table

Let’s get back to our coaching. For a business coach, they often have some kind of framework or system that they use and they will support you in growing your business using that framework. A business coach can have a broad range of expertise, unlike a consultant. This means they don’t necessarily have to have built a business like you want in order to be able to coach you. Their expertise may be building different types of businesses.

For example, if I built a coaching program and called that my business and I’ve been able to monetize that business, I may have other people come in to coach with me, but they can have different types of businesses. They may have a brick-and-mortar business, they may have an online business, but if I understand how to grow businesses, I can teach them the general information that they need in order to start that process and/or start monetizing the idea that they have.

How a Coach Will Support You

If you hire a coach, they’re going to make sure that you get out of your way. Your coach will make sure that you are accountable for what you said that you wanted to do, but your coach cannot do the work for you. I cannot emphasize this enough because so many people want their hands to be held and they want someone to do the dirty work for them. Everyone has had to put the time in and you’re going to have to do the same. So, I highly recommend that you take the time that’s necessary to determine, do you need someone that’s going to hold your hand and guide you through a process, or do you need an expert who has already done the thing that you want to do specifically and they can give you their strategy, or do you need an expert who has a skill set that can support what you want to do?

Your coach will make sure that you are accountable for what you said that you wanted to do, but your coach cannot do the work for you.

I know it’s confusing. Just understand, a coach helps you discover, guides you, holds you accountable, and moves you along the way on the path that you say you want to go. You hear more of the words like goals when it comes to coaching, so they will help you with your goals in your business. I hope this supports you in your decision.

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Who Needs a Business Mentor

Is it time for you to finally get a mentor in your business? Let’s have a discussion so that you can decide, once and for all, what you need to do. 

Hey, everyone, it’s Shayla Boyd-Gill, your Family Freedom & Affluence Mentor. I absolutely love showing moms and wives how to build profitable businesses so they never have to consider going back to work again. Let’s get started.

Do You Need Help

Here is the question that I get asked a lot. “Do I need a mentor in my business or do I need a coach?”

There are different types of people available to support you as a growing business owner. When you decided to become an entrepreneur, you had an idea or a concept and you went in and started making things happen. But oftentimes, at a certain point you hit a plateau or you get stuck with something that you’re not very familiar with. This is where you start seeking out support.

What is a Mentor

Today, we want to specifically speak about mentorship. What is a mentor? And how might a mentor provide support for you in your business? A mentor is defined as a person who is an expert, who advises you, someone that’s providing advice. That’s generally what’s being done. They have an expertise in some special area and they’re providing advice based on what they’ve been able to accomplish in that area.

A mentor is defined as a person who is an expert, who advises you, someone that’s providing advice.

Do You Really Need a Mentor

So you’re asking yourself, “do I need this advisor in my business at this point?” It doesn’t mean that you have to be at a six-figure level or a seven-figure level before you get a mentor. Oftentimes, you might need the mentor in the beginning. But there is a certain type of person that could benefit from this mentor right now. 

Who would benefit from working with a business mentor? You may benefit from this kind of working relationship if you are open to advice and you are not stuck on your ideas and your way. A mentor may be someone that can support you. If you know someone or have found someone that has accomplished the thing that you want to accomplish, that may be a source that you need to tap into.

Signs of a Good Mentor

The mentor should be…

– open to offering advice
– trustworthy
– relatable
– resourceful, meaning having the ability to put you in contact with the people 
– willing to instruct 

This may be a working relationship that can support you. You may benefit from having a mentor.

How to Work With a Mentor

A mentor is typically giving you advice, it can be quick advice. You’re coming to them with a problem, and you need a solution. They’re giving you a solution based on their expertise. They either use a system or have a particular way in which they accomplish the thing that they did. What they need from you is for you to be open to receiving that advice and be willing to implement whatever it is that they’re suggesting that you do. 

What a mentor is not doing is coaching. A mentor is not typically asking what do you think or what do you wanna do. They’re not going to pull the answers out of you. Instead, they’re telling you, this is what you do. So if you’re at a phase of your business where you’re needing someone to tell you what to do, you’re not in a place where you need to figure things out, you have clarity, but you need someone to give you straightforward advice, mentorship may be a good fit for you.

If you have a hard time receiving feedback from people or you are stuck on doing things your way, mentorship may not be something for you. So who is mentorship not for? It’s not for the person that’s not willing to listen. It’s not for the person that thinks that they know everything.  It’s not for the person that rejects everything that’s offered to them. When someone is mentoring you, their time is valuable. So every time that you have an opportunity to be with the mentor, it’s important that you take advantage of coming to the table with the best questions possible to move you to your next best step.

Unlike coaching where you spend a lot time pulling and telling the story, mentorship is different. You are reporting what you have done and what you need. Your conversation will be based on how to accomplish things. That’s the conversation. So you may or may not be ready for a mentor, but knowing what mentorship is now, you can now decide. Are you in a place where you are  ready for this type of relationship? Do you need more of a coach or a consultant?


Check out my other blogs to clarify what is a coach and what is a consultant. I want you to know your mentor is your advisor. The expert that has accomplished what it is that you want to accomplish. You’re going to them for guidance, their best advice, and more. It’s your job to apply what they’re telling you. Remember if you are going to be in a place of rejecting it, it’s probably not the best relationship for you. The mentor’s job is not to change your mind or persuade you. They’re just giving you information and they’re helping to push you along the way as long as you take that information. As soon as you start rejecting that or realizing this is not a fit, that mentorship is probably no longer a fit for you. So I hope that answers your question of who needs a mentor? A business mentor, specifically.

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How to Create Freedom in Your Business


There’s nothing worse than seeing a miserable entrepreneur pretend to be excited and happy about owning a business. It actually hurts to see this. This means the person is not experiencing true freedom as an entrepreneur, and I wanna show you how you can make sure that you avoid this mistake. 

Hi, I’m Shayla Boyd-Gill, your Family, Freedom, and Affluence mentor, and I love helping family-centered women entrepreneurs to create generational wealth while doing exactly what they love and experiencing more freedom. 

So are you ready? Let’s talk about this. First we are going straight to the dictionary. What is freedom? Freedom is defined as the power to act, speak, or think as one chooses without any restraints. 

Now let’s bring this into the entrepreneurial world. What is freedom for an entrepreneur? Do you have the freedom to act, speak, or think on behalf of your brand without any constraints? There’s a good chance that you don’t. 

The Challenge

One of the big things I see with entrepreneurs, especially my family-centered women entrepreneurs is what you don’t have is time freedom, that’s one. You are spending a lot of time delivering services, creating programs, creating more content, and you can’t figure out where all the hours have gone for the week. You still don’t have enough time in your head so that’s one of the places where you’re probably not experiencing freedom. Let’s take this even further. If you left corporate America it’s probably because you thought you were gonna become an entrepreneur, work less hours, have more money, and really have the freedom to do what you desire. It didn’t really look like that, did it? For most it doesn’t. 

As a matter of fact, another freedom that you probably are not experiencing is money freedom. You’ve decided to become an entrepreneur, you have a dream of making six figures, seven figures, eight figures. You may be falling in the trap of the statistic where many women entrepreneurs are making less than $50,000 a year. Look, you could make that in corporate America, so if there’s no money freedom now you’re really upset because you’ve been spending all the time delivering services, creating programs that you think people are going to love, and the cash flow is just not coming in. 

Another place where you may be suffering is your health freedom. If you’ve been stressed out because of the money and the time, now you have ulcers, now you have headaches, you’re not feeling amazing and maybe you’re not even looking amazing. 

So that’s another area where you’re not experiencing freedom, and the big kicker that no one likes to talk about is the lack of freedom in your relationship. Who was with you with you when you started this business? If you are married, if you have children, one of the things that happens is you end up spending so much time on this new baby, your business, that you forget the people that were there before the business came, or you’ve entered into a new relationship and you’re not nurturing the people that are now there while you’re building your baby. Yes, your business matters but your relationship matters, too. You don’t wanna fall into that other statistic for entrepreneurs where we have a very high divorce rate among entrepreneurs.

So what can you do about it? How do you actually experience freedom? Freedom comes when number one, you are happy and joyful with yourself. One of the things I learned when trying to teach about freedom was the fact that I was trying to share freedom and sell freedom to people that weren’t happy. They can’t even think about freedom if they’re not experiencing joy in their lives, so we had to dive deeper and say, “Where’s the breakdown? Where are you not experiencing happiness?” Once we resolved that area, then we could start establishing more freedom.

Refine Your Services

So, for you it starts with, if you’re an entrepreneur delivering services, for example, then we need to make sure the services that you are delivering don’t consume you. Do your services, right now, make you highly accessible to your clients? Is it time-consuming? Are you the only one delivering it? If that’s the case, how do you scale this so that other people can deliver for you or less of your time is used in the delivery? You want to look at your services. This is one of the first things I look at when people come to work with me. They typically have established businesses but something’s wrong on the back end. The system’s not working for them anymore. Maybe it worked in the beginning but now they’re tired. So, we look at the services. How can we scale them so that they’re not as involved or their time is not as involved in the process? 

Create Boundaries

Another thing that you wanna look at is the boundaries. Do your clients have all the access that they need to you? I remember when I did a lot of one to one coaching my clients were always able to get me weekdays, weekends, evenings, mornings. I had to put some new boundaries in place where they understood I don’t start business until 11 a.m. Anything before 11 a.m. it’s family, it’s self care, I get up in the morning, I do my meditation, I go to my gym and do my boot camp, but we don’t do business early in the morning. The other piece was I could do not do evening coaching anymore. I suck at it. That’s not my energetic time. So I stopped taking clients after 4 p.m. I created those boundaries and I taught my clients to respect those boundaries.

Price Appropriately

Another area is your pricing. Does your pricing make sense for what you say you want and need in your business? If your pricing is not a match then you need to take a really strong look at it. If you’re doing one too many, how many people do you have to serve? Do you have the capacity? How are you getting them in? And if it’s one to one, or one to a few, like my model is a high ticket model, the pricing has to make sense, but before you go and throw a big number out there, you gotta make sure that it’s a transformational service, meaning it’s something that’s making a difference in their lives so that they’re willing to invest in themselves and it makes sense, okay?

Honor Your Relationship

 Another thing I want you to look at is your relationship. You need to put that time in there for the relationship. I remember in the beginning of my business I was so committed to the business that there were times I would miss eating dinner. I wasn’t sitting at the table with everyone when they were at the table. I’m at the computer banging out things saying, “I gotta get this thing done,” while everyone is having family time. I wasn’t there. So I had to learn to shut things off in the business. One of the dangers of working at home is you always have access to your business. So I literally had to say, “Business is closed,” and close the door to my office. Go and spend the time with the family. Put the phone down. Be the person that you desire to be. This is how you start creating more freedom in your business and more joy and happiness. 

So, as stated before, one of the things I really love doing is working with my clients and helping them to get the sales they desire so they can live the life that they really, really want to live, and this is while creating more freedom for themselves. One way that you can do that is to go down in the link below and grab my high-impact, high-ticket sales challenge. It’s a five-day challenge that will teach you how to create a program that you can leverage to create more freedom for you, for your family, and for those around you. So go ahead and grab it. It’s going to be in our Family, Freedom, and Affluence Academy. You get a free pass to the academy. The link is below, and as soon as you sign up for the free academy, you will get access to the free challenge. I hope to see you there.

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Why You Should Become a High Ticket Coach, Or Maybe Not


Have you ever wondered is high ticket coaching for me? This is a question that you should be asking. And I want you to pay attention to this conversation today because I’m gonna help you to determine that just for yourself. 

Hey, everyone, it’s Shayla Boyd-Gill, your Family, Freedom and Affluence Mentor. And I love helping family centered women entrepreneurs just like myself, moms, wives, family members, to really make more money in your business while doing exactly what you love.

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been in these online streets, trying to figure out what to do with your business. And if you’ve been online for a while through some of these social media platforms, you’ve probably seen ads where people have said, you should be a high ticket coach. Or you should be charging more for your services. 

Pause! Don’t change your pricing, don’t change your business model, until you listen to this.

The Truth

Here’s the truth, not everyone needs to be a high ticket coach. As a matter of fact, I want you to be extra sure that this is for you. You need to look at your business model.

Tip #1: Choose Your Business Model

How did you intend to have your business built? Was this a one to many approach, or was this a one to few approach? See, if you’re a one to many, that means your products or services are available to everyone and you want lots of people to touch them, and that may be a case where you have a lower ticket platform that you build out for your business model. Is that okay? Absolutely. That works beautifully for some people. 

You also may choose to be a one to few type of business. Meaning you touch a few people, then they touch a few people, then they touch a few people, and your impact spreads in that manner. If that’s the case, you’re going to need to have a higher ticket model because you’re not touching as many people. 

So, what you have to decide first is, looking at the work that you do, how you’re transforming lives, how you’re solving problems, how many people do you want to touch? Do you want a lot? Or do you want a few? There’s no wrong answer. And no one should be telling you what you should do in your business, you need to decide what’s the approach and what’s the best strategy for the type of work that you do. That’s important. 

Tip #2: Decide if You Align With the Pricing

Number two, you need to look honestly and say, can you even handle a high ticket model? Do you have the confidence to go out to the world, share what you do and ask for what you really desire? If you’re gonna choke in the middle of making the ask or the offer, you need to reevaluate, is this for me? 

Just because someone’s saying, hey, you should be charging thousands of dollars for your services, doesn’t mean that you should be charging thousands of dollars. If you’ve never invested in that level and your first approach to your business is going out and saying, my services cost $20,000, but you would choke if someone quoted that to yourself, or you wouldn’t invest that kind of money in yourself, how would you go out and ask the same of someone else?

It’s not an integrity. There’s no congruency there, and it’s not going to work for you. So, one of my recommendations is investing in yourself. See what your level is, see what your capacity is, see how full you can fill that cup of yours. See where you get to that place of being super uncomfortable as far as investing in yourself. 

Now what I will tell you, here’s my truth, when I started off in the culture industry I started off paying lots of money. So I was very comfortable with that ask, I was very comfortable going out, making sure I had transformational work and doing the same because I knew that my systems worked. And I also knew what it felt like to invest in myself at those levels at which I was quoting. 

Now, do some people go out and ask for that amount and never invest that amount in themselves? They do. But I believe that all energy has to be matched. For me, for my clients, we have to match energies and it’s such an easier process. Things go smoother, you get to your yeses faster. So that’s another piece that you want to look at. 

Tip #3: Have a Rock Solid Strategy

Another thing you need is a solid game plan. If you’re going to choose to be a high ticket coach, then we need to make sure you have a solid game plan. Your marketing may look a little different than a one to many approach. It’s still marketing. It’s still getting your message out there, but you may have to use a different approach to that. 

Those are some of the things that I love teaching my clients through some of our programs that we have. And in our Family, Freedom and Affluence Academy. So here’s what I want you to know. You don’t have to have a high ticket coaching program just because you see everyone advertising and saying that you should. You need to have one if that’s what your heart desires, and if your business aligns with that approach. If you’re not sure about that, keep paying attention, come back and check on our channel because we’re gonna have more tips on how you can a high ticket coaching business and you get to determine if it works for you.

One way you can determine that right now is to go and grab our free offer that we have here listed below. It’s our high impact, high ticket challenge. And it’s a place where you can go and create your first high ticket coaching program. And see, what does it feel like? Does this match your brand? Does this match your business model? Test it out, it’s free. We’d love for you to come and join us in the community. You can grab it from the Family, Freedom and Affluence Academy, you have free access, free membership in there. That’s the first program that you’ll have access to for free. So go and check it out now.

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How to Get Paid as a High Ticket Coach

How to get paid as a high ticket coach

Are you ready to finally get paid what you absolutely deserve as a coach in your industry? Well, pay attention. We’re going to talk about what it takes to get paid through high-ticket coaching.

Hi, I’m Shayla Boyd-Gill, your Family Freedom and Affluence Mentor, and I absolutely love helping family-centered women entrepreneurs to get paid more, have less stress, and love what they’re doing. 

The Truth

Here’s the truth: you should absolutely expect to be paid for your knowledge in your industry, and, as a matter of fact, you should be compensated for the years of experience and the knowledge that you bring to the table to transform the lives of your clients. 

But here’s the other ugly truth: many coaches are having a horrible time selling what they offer. Many times, it’s because they’re not clear in the messaging on what it is that they sell, or how you transform lives. 

So I’m gonna give you three tips to support you today that will help you to begin your journey to being paid with ease as a high-ticket coach. 

Tip #1: Have a highly impactful and transformational program

Number one: you want to make sure that you have a highly impactful and transformational program. 

When we say transformation program, meaning your clients are coming to you with a specific problem and your program should be the exact thing that they need to shift and change their lives.

It’s not a small shift. It should be a major shift that truly impacts them, and makes them rave about the work that they’ve done with you. They probably also need a little bit more intimacy, meaning more high-touch and a little more access to you. Don’t worry, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that you have to give all of yourself. It just means that when you do have access to the clients and they have access to you, it should be transformational.

Now your job is not to become best friends with your clients, you don’t pay more to be able to go out with them and do things of that nature, but when you show up, they should feel like it didn’t have to take a lot of time. As a matter of fact, it should’ve felt like one small change, one small conversation, is shifting the way that they do business, the way that they live their life, their health, relationship, whatever that aspect is. Because, remember, the thing that people are paying for is ways to make more money, better relationships, better health, better relationship with spirit, things in that realm. That’s what people will pay for. 

They wanna do things faster, so your work needs to help them on that path, whatever it is that you’re doing. So number one, a highly impactful and transformational program is going to be essential. 

Tip #2: Share your expertise with the world

After that, I’m taking a look at my notes here, you wanna make sure that you are out here, sharing your expertise with the world. They should know that you exist. If you are a hidden gem, sitting behind your computer, banging out landing pages and websites and crossing your fingers, hoping that people will find you, I’m sorry to tell you, it’s not going to happen.

You have to market yourself. You have to tell people that you exist. Now that can be through online or offline marketing. There’s so many pieces to that puzzle, and we’ll be pulling other videos for you to really dive into that a little bit deeper, but if you’re on social media, how are you utilizing it? Do you have a schedule? Are you consistent with it? Is your content impactful? Are you just doing lolly-dolly things on there, or are people coming and looking for your content because they know you’re delivering?

So the number two thing again is, making sure that you are marketing yourself. Making sure that you have other people talking about you. Making sure you’re showing up places and people know, you’re the one. We have to also know if we’re referring people to you, what’s the transformational thing that you do? So if you’ve been talking about yourself, and you’re truly making a difference, not just words, but actual action, people don’t mind sending other people your way. So that’s number two for you. 

Tip #3: Make it easy for people to communicate with you and pay you

And number three: people might think this doesn’t matter, but this really does matter. Make it easy for people to communicate with you and actually pay you, meaning when someone inquires, and they’re saying yes, you need to make sure that it’s very easy for them to pay you.

If I have to jump through hoops just to give you money because I want to invest in myself, I’m gonna have a pause, and it’s gonna cause me to think, is this the thing that I want, or should I keep looking? If this is the start of the experience and it takes a long time or there’s confusion, I may not want to invest highly with your organization because you’re not making it simple for me. So when you’re preparing, you have phone calls, you’re having discovery sessions, and someone says yes, they need to know what their next steps are. They need to also know how to pay you. Immediately. It shouldn’t be a case of, I’m gonna send you an invoice a few days later, and maybe you’ll pay it. But instead have a way where you can capture their information either if you’re taking cards over the phone, if you are sending them a direct link and asking, did you receive it? This needs to be paid. Now. Give them an incentive to want to go ahead and pay now, and make it easy for them to do so.

You wouldn’t believe how many people are running businesses, especially in our coaching industry here online, and it’s hard to pay them. I promise you, if you make it hard, people are not as flexible. When someone wants change or transformation, they’re looking for it now, and if you make it hard for them to do that, they’re gonna shift, they’re gonna run.

I’ll give you one quick story. I was once at a conference, I had someone that contacted me on the phone and they were ready to do business. I’ve made sure that my business is also mobile, so I was able to get on my phone and send them their invoice with the link, say, hey, did you receive it? Go ahead and pay me right now. There was not a case of, oh, wait ’til I get to a room, or wait ’til I get back from the conference. I wanted to close the deal, and I was prepared to do that, and they were prepared to take action. So keep those tips in mind. 

Remember, the three tips: highly impactful, highly transformational program; number two, talk about what you do, market yourself; number three, make it easy for people to pay you. And if you start from this place, you’re gonna get yourself positioned to be a high-ticket expert and it’ll be easier to get paid as a coach in your industry. 

Need help impacting more lives and getting paid as a high ticket coach?

I love making sure that my clients are able to close the deal, get the sales they desire, and attract the clients they really want to work with. So if you want to learn more about what it takes to be a high-ticket expert in your industry, I have a free gift for you. Drop down in the link below. There is a link there for our high-impact, high-ticket challenge. It’s free. A five-day training with me where you will learn how to create a highly impactful platform in your business. So, drop down in the links below. And make sure you do me one more favor: subscribe to this channel right now.

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